lundi 3 novembre 2014

Samhain, J+3

It was only last night that the Ghost turned to flesh
And in the silken folds of its unearthly smile
-Extending to its eyes in subtle riverbeds;
I harvested the scent of flowers, yet unknown:
They were born, and blossomed in the blink of a night.
The fabric of its skin, pearly, newly woven
Clothed my arms and my spine and crept into my bones.
The Ghost that I had seen, haunting me from afar,
Slithering under its veil of silvery hair,
Murmured a melody, half of words, half of sighs.
It was only last night, as the Ghost turned to flesh.

3 commentaires:

  1. C'est mieux qu'un chapitre III célèbre car il consacre différemment, onirique.
    J'adore 28 fois.
    <3 :*
    Composition superbe: conforme à tout ce que je me dispense d'écrire.

  2. ... Je brûle !!!! ( je cherche hein !?)

  3. Comme j'apprécie de passer ici.
    C'est ici que ( je réfléchis pour ne pas rédiger un truc ambigu ) je te propose de relire mon courrier.